Friday, 13 July 2018

City of God - Contextual Information

Here is an explanation of what a favela is and how they developed in Rio de Janeiro. It is useful in understanding the key concepts surrounding issues of World Cinema and for a discussion of 'City Of God'.

How the People Of Rio View the Favelas

The image that most people have of the faveladors revolves around their rural origins, supposed lack of urban experience and that they are only leaching off the infrastructure of Rio. Many consider the favelas the source of Rio's urban problems, citing them for crime, violence, promiscuity, family breakdown and the creation of a culture of poverty. The prevailing view is that the favelas are just a transfer of poverty form the country to the city and are responsible for the negative effects of over-urbanization.

This over-urbanization are seen by some as a positive aspect, creating a perfect atmosphere for new industrial development. Because of the cheap, surplus labor that exists in the favelas, industries could find an easy market for locating and making money. Still others view the favela as just another part of the framework of Rio. It is a natural occurrence of the city and is compared to a weed growing in a garden, there will always be weeds. Despite these views, little is being done to modernize the favelas or even deal with the shortage of utilities.

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